One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Monday, August 8, 2011

"La Dolce Vita": Eros vs. Thanatos

La Dolce Vita is a long film and I hadn't seen it in years (I also had to give in to the girls and their need to remain au courant, i.e., they wanted to watch Beastly, which means I didn't get to finish it).

Much of what I saw reminded me of Eros vs. Thanatos (see link below that claims Fellini was heavily influenced by Jung, Freud, and psychoanalytic theory) and, certainly stooping to oversimplification, I'll tag Sylvia (Anita Ekberg) as Eros and Steiner (Alain Cuny) as Thanatos.


The stunner for me was Maddalena (Anouk Aimee), whom I didn't know or remember and so had to look up.  I thought: The epitome of Italian Beauty, but it turns out she's French/Jewish. She plays the bored aristocrat who utters something like "Only love gives me strength."

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