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Sunday, October 2, 2011

"To the Finland Station": Jules Michelet (1798 - 1874)

Wilson's book is a run-down on the important people leading up to the Russian Revolution: from Michelet to Marx to Lenin.

Did he leave any out? What about the gaps? Is it as clear and neat as all that?


Jules Michelet: French historian (1798 - 1874).

A few Michelet quotes from Finland:
The nature of things is nothing other than that they come into being at certain times and in certain ways. Wherever the same circumstances are present, the same phenomena arise and no others. 
In that dark night which shrouds from our eyes the most remote antiquity, a light appears which cannot lead us astray; I speak of this incontestable truth: the social world is certainly the work of men; and it follows that one can and should find its principles in the modifications of the human intelligence itself.
Action, action! action alone can console us! We owe it not only to man, but to all that lower nature which struggles up toward man, which contains the potentiality of his thought--to carry on vigorously thought and action.

Jules Michelet
[From the Wikimedia Commons]
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