One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Holderlin's Letters

Started them a couple days ago via Kindle. Below I bullet just a few underscores:

  • I went home moved, and thanked God that I could feel where thousands rush by indifferently, either because they are accustomed to the sight or because they have hearts like lard
  • the desire to learn can consume all other desires
  • But don't we most doubt precisely what we desire?
  • The wisdom of my 21 years very often deserts me
  • The reason I'm still in the seminary is that my mother wishes it. I suppose I can waste a year or two for her sake
  • Send me some of your poems soon. There is more in them for our souls than in letters. Isn't that true?
  • And a good cause can always hope for God's protection
  • pray for the French, the champions of the rights of man
  • The magical light I saw it in when I had finished it, & even more when I read it to you on that unforgettable afternoon, has now dissipated so entirely that only the hope of soon writing a better poem can offer me some consolation for its imperfections
  • I no longer attach myself so fondly to individuals. My love is for humankind
  • These seeds of enlightenment, these quiet aspirations and efforts of individuals trying to shape the human race, will spread and gain strength and bear splendid fruit
  • Swabians soon track one another down wherever they are
  • Convinced that all humanity that does not also bear the name of reason, or is not in exact relation to it, cannot be so called
  • Virtually the only thing I'm reading at the moment is Kant
  • I am certain you will have thought of me from time to time since we parted with the watchword 'Kingdom of God!'
  • That Robespierre had to pay with his head seems just to me, and will perhaps bring some good with it. Only let the twin angels of humanity and peace come and the cause of humankind will be sure to thrive! Amen
  • We have to go through the night, and happy is he who can lend a hand and has work to do 
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