One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Friday, April 13, 2012

Dribble Dribble: My Berzona

Really it's Max Frisch's. We never really found his house, but after climbing to the top (beyond the church is a nest of stone houses) we met a man going back to our car (he was soaking wet from the rain; I only "think" we understood each other). He seemed to be directing us to somewhere on the main road.

The night before we left Locarno we went to Intragna (thank you TomTom!) for a Fodor's Choice restaurant: Grotto du Rii. After visiting Berzona we went through Intragna again. On our way to Italia and then the car transport (tunneling through the Alps, back into Switzerland, on to Montreux) in Sempione (the Simplon Pass).

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13
Grotto du Rii's Sign
(the little bridge leading to the restaurant is so narrow "road workers"
stand guard, directing traffic, 24/7)

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13
Max Frish Memorial Plaque

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13

The Cemetery behind the Wall

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13
The Church and Bell Tower in Berzona
(we heard it at 11:00 AM and that's our rental Renault
in a very tight spot)

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13

The Bell Tower Again
(from within the nest of stone houses in Berzona)

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13

Painting over the Church Door

2012.04.13, 2012.04.13

The Steaming Valley
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