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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Theodor Storm (1817 - 1888)

Got a few Kindle dollars for Xmas and, per usual, I was like a kid in a candy store. Loaded up on some favorites (e.g., preordered Frisch's Montauk -- release date is the end of March) and some older authors I've been planning to get to, e.g., Theodor Storm. Enjoyed his "The Rider on the White Horse" (the great story came through even with a cheap edition), and have started "Immensee" (I believe this was a freebie). Very little else available in English.


Hans Theodor Woldsen Storm (14 September 1817 – 4 July 1888), commonly known as Theodor Storm, was a German writer.


Storm was born in the small town of Husum, on the west coast of Schleswig, then a formally independent duchy ruled by the king of Denmark.[1] His parents were the lawyer Johann Casimir Storm (1790-1874) and Lucie Storm, née Woldsen (1797-1879).

Storm went to school in Husum and Lübeck and studied law in Kiel and Berlin.[1] While still a law student in Kiel he published a first volume of verse together with the brothers Tycho and Theodor Mommsen (1843).

From 1843 until his admission was revoked by Danish authorities in 1852, he worked as a lawyer in his home town of Husum. In 1853 Storm moved to Potsdam, moving on to Heiligenstadt in Thuringia in 1856. He returned to Husum in 1865 after Schleswig had come under Prussian rule and became a district magistrate ("Landvogt"). In 1880 Storm moved to Hademarschen, where he spent the last years of his life writing, and died of cancer at the age of 70.[1]

Storm was married twice, first to Konstanze Esmarch, who died in 1864, and then to Dorothea Jensen.


Storm was one of the most important authors of 19th-century German Literary realism. He wrote a number of stories, poems and novellas. His two best-known works are the novellas Immensee (1849) and Der Schimmelreiter ("The Rider on the White Horse"), first published in April 1888 in the Deutsche Rundschau. Other published works include a volume of his poems (1852), the novella Pole Poppenspäler (1874) and the novella Aquis submersus (1877).

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