One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Coetzee's "Elizabeth Costello"

I know: more Coetzee. Haven't I almost emptied his oeuvre?

Elizabeth Costello (why do I keep thinking Elvis Costello) is again Coetzee in woman's guise; the son is another avatar of Coetzee; the narrator directs them both; but of course all of this is an oversimplification. Taking another stab at it, maybe it'd be better to say: Coetzee's creations with a few appendages/characteristics of Coetzee thrown in?

Elizabeth Costello is a famous author who's not so impressive close-up (i.e., she's human); her son (at least in chapter one) is her travel companion.


Anyway, little to say since I've only started. Maybe that I'm reminded a bit of Summertime. And the landscape (or at least Elizabeth's landscape) is Australia not South Africa.

When did Coetzee move to Australia?
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