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Monday, September 5, 2011

A Bit More on Robert Walser

Found this article "A Gentle and Angry Instrument: Robert Walser's Short Fiction" while googling for the second topic (see below). Along with more on Walser's "Microscripts" (what he called his "pencil method") , and his writings in general, there's a lot of good biographical info.


In Walser's "Selected Stories" (NYRB) the name Brentano has come up at least twice (thus far). Apparently the German Romantic poet/writer Clemens Brentano (1778 - 1842) is in view. The above article takes its title from something Walser wrote (about himself) in writing about Brentano:
Writing in 1926, in one of several pieces he composed about the German Romantic writer Clemens Brentano, Walser opined, “what a gentle and angry instrument I am.”
Brentano was also the brother of Bettina (von Arnim), an enthusiastic fan and correspondent of Goethe.

Clemens Brentano from 1818-1824 remained at the foot of the bed of Anna Katharina who dictated her visions Pictures, Images and Photos

Clemens Brentano

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