One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Sunday, December 6, 2015

Update: Fall-like beyond the Prison Blinds

Walking a little. Busy-ness and back problems have stemmed the flow. In the A.M., I hobbled to Bucks and the ATM, and made it around the lagoon. [[[Oh, and last night I was able to make it down to 2nd St. for the annual Xmas parade (Chi not X): I could tell you the abandoned backpack in the Irish Pub story but I'll resist (it ended on a good note and the man-on-the-rail got to finish his burger and beer).]]]

Anyway, still dipping into Heinrich (I need peace and quiet, not to mention a little Night, with my Novalis!), and have started Elfriede Jelinek's The Piano Teacher (one of the rare instances, I suppose, where the movie led to the book -- say Ahhh for Isabelle Huppert!), which, if words could become flesh, would qualify at times for verbal porn.

Anyway, a "clip" from The Piano Teacher:

     Fraulein Erika consists purely of music, and she's not all that old. That's how her student evaluates his experimental model. Klemmer even starts out one level higher: no VW, but an Opel Cadet. Walter Klemmer, secretly in love, clamps his teeth into the vestige of one of his fingernails. His face is red all over, the rosettes have spread out, and his shoulder-length hair is dark blond. He is moderately stylish. He is moderately intelligent. There is nothing salient about him, there is nothing excessive. He's let his hair lengthen a bit, so as not to look too up-to-date, but also not too old-fashioned. He won't grow a beard, though he has often been tempted to do so. He has always managed to resist this temptation. Someday, he'd like to give his teacher a long kiss and feel up her body. He wants to confront her with his animal instincts. He wants to graze her firmly, almost accidentally, as if some clumsy oaf were pushing him against her. He will then press harder against her, but apologize. Eventually, he will press against her on purpose, perhaps rub against her firmly if she lets him. He will do what she tells him to do, he wants to profit from her, then apply his experiences to more serious loves later on.
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