One has just been sent out as a biblical dove, has found nothing green, and slips back
into the darkness of the ark -- Kafka

Friday, November 25, 2011

Max Frisch's "Man in the Holocene"

Finally re-read it in its entirety (finished it this morning). A quick read: minus the "clippings" it's less than a hundred pages.

Parts I'd forgotten, e.g., the salamander, the minestrone; parts I loved reading again, e.g., the pagoda of crispbread, Geiser's hike into the mountains.

Places I have to go because of Frisch: the Ticino, Montauk (I know, another Frisch). Been to Switzerland but not the Ticino; Long Island but not Montauk.

A great quote from Man:

Now and again Geiser finds himself wondering what he really wants to know, what he hopes to gain from all this knowledge.
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